As members of the new Cycling Partnership with ESCC we would like to pass on your views about the sustainable transport improvements you'd like to see in Sussex.  Please use this discussion forum or contact us directly to suggest ways of improving our local cycling infrastructure:  new routes and route marking, cycling safety, which junctions might benefit from advance stop lines, bike storage - all ideas welcome...


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Local CES partners include Cycle Lewes and Cycle Seahaven where Andy describes the safety benefits of Advance Stop Lines.   CES have offered to provide evidence of where advance stop lines are needed.  and 

There is a section of cycle path in Berwick which connects the railway station to the Downs but which has one tiny bit missing. The "Berwick Way", masterminded and led by the late, wonderful David Lumsden, goes for about half a mile south of Berwick Station - and then users get chucked out on to the busy and fast road. The bit missing is about 100m.

Might this therefore be a good candidate for a targeted but modest sum spent?

I'm sure there was good reason for missing it out- possibly landowner wishes or geological problems, who knows? But your point is a good one. May I suggest that contact Sustrans about this missing bit? They compile a list of projects large and small, ready for when cash becomes available for such things.

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