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Has anyone found any access to Egrets Way from Newhaven please?

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Not yet Roy, sadly !

Many thanks. 

Have tried to use cycleway 2 to Peacehaven but am unable to go through the barriers at the top of Gibbon Road.  Map does show a way through the various roads but there seems to have been a lot of houses built.

May be worth contacting Sustrans about the barrier Roy as they are responsible for the No2 !  Fingers crossed design of any gates etc will be bike & motor scooter friendly.   I'm already disappointed that it's not going to be suitable for my road bike so back to the C7 for me! 

Many thanks for the suggestion: i# have emailled Sustrans.

NCN2 is not a great route. We prefer to go via The Valley. Take NCN2 from Denton Island and follow it North. Go Via Elphick Road, then cross C7 at the pub. Continue along Valley Road until you get to the Fairway - there's a short section of bridleway to negotiate. Then climb The Fairway to the new lovely A259 shared route.
More details here: http://cycleseahaven.org.uk/a259-csh/
Use our contact page if ya need more help.

Andy 'Gus' Lock

Cycle Seahaven.

Many thanks...will try it.

Please let me know how you get on, Roy.

Hi Andy

Tried your suggestion and got to Peacehaven despite the road closure notice on Valley Road.  Found the bridle path a little rough though...think I missed The Fairway! .  Pity the shared path doesnot go too far but great whilst on it.

Many thanks for your help

Andy Lock said:

Please let me know how you get on, Roy.

Brilliant! Glad you found it. The rough section is very short unless you miss the Fairway; When you hit the rough section turn right onto the road as soon as you can and follow it to round to the left.

Peacehaven has lots of wide roads with wide verges. It would be great to convert some of these grass verges to wide shared paths.

 Peacehaven 12 (the footpath from A259 to Ashington Gardens) has been proposed as a cycle way, yesterday being the final day for objections. When/if approved I assume that this means it's OK for mobility scooters, so can someone please clarify this point for me?

Peacehaven 12 remains un-surfaced dirt, but it has recently been cleared. This new option diverts one away from the first right-hander when coming from Newhaven into Peacehaven

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