I note a lot of interest in using the Egrets Way as a leisure facility and rightly so, however i remain hopeful this will become a regulate daily work commute between Seaford and Lewes as currently using either the C7 or the A26 is a very dangerous affair for cyclists.

Is there a current up-to-date map of the complete proposed route as it stands today indicating what's accessible and what's not??


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What a fantastic commute that would be, too.

AFAIK the only bit that's done so far is from Southease to Rodmell, and half of that is unsurfaced.

Update - the Southease to Piddinghoe section should be done by Christmas. I fantastic route from Southease railway station to Peacehaven.

Vans on Egrets Way to be approved?

Unless we get more objections I fear we will have not done enough to prevent vans form using the northern end of Egrets Way, so bang goes our traffic-free vision.

PLEASE object to this. Details of what's going on can be found here: http://cycleseahaven.org.uk/ew8/

Any more progress? Any updates for 2017?

The latest news was presented at the AGM on 9th June. You can read the 2016-17 Annual report from the website. It's pretty well hidden:-

  • from the main page scroll down to the very bottom;
  • on the left you'll see a box with the heading 'THE EGRETS WAY AGM';
  • The second item is a link to a pdf copy of the annual report.

I've replicated that link below -

Egrets Way Annual Report 2016-17.pdf

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