I note a lot of interest in using the Egrets Way as a leisure facility and rightly so, however i remain hopeful this will become a regulate daily work commute between Seaford and Lewes as currently using either the C7 or the A26 is a very dangerous affair for cyclists.

Is there a current up-to-date map of the complete proposed route as it stands today indicating what's accessible and what's not??


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What a fantastic commute that would be, too.

AFAIK the only bit that's done so far is from Southease to Rodmell, and half of that is unsurfaced.

Update - the Southease to Piddinghoe section should be done by Christmas. I fantastic route from Southease railway station to Peacehaven.

Vans on Egrets Way to be approved?

Unless we get more objections I fear we will have not done enough to prevent vans form using the northern end of Egrets Way, so bang goes our traffic-free vision.

PLEASE object to this. Details of what's going on can be found here: http://cycleseahaven.org.uk/ew8/

Any more progress? Any updates for 2017?

The latest news was presented at the AGM on 9th June. You can read the 2016-17 Annual report from the website. It's pretty well hidden:-

  • from the main page scroll down to the very bottom;
  • on the left you'll see a box with the heading 'THE EGRETS WAY AGM';
  • The second item is a link to a pdf copy of the annual report.

I've replicated that link below -

Egrets Way Annual Report 2016-17.pdf

As a new resident in Piddinghoe (moved from Lewes) I can see why the residents don't want cyclists bombing through the narrow streets. The newly laid footpath at the edge of the Hoe is already being used by cyclists at speed.

My own suggestion is to build two footbridges spanning the river to bypass the village on the East bank. Probably cheaper than constructing wider footpath and narrowing the C7.

The wider footpath would not have narrowed the C7. The plans were to move the carriageway east (away from the houses) where there is land available, AND widen it! There was also the intent to reduce the speed limit, pending consultation. Because it was a consultation the speed reduction could not be guaranteed, which is why (I hear) some residents objected to the scheme. I'm at a loss as to why would residents object to the opportunity of lower speeds past the village and the road being moved away from the houses.

Planning application: http://planningpublicaccess.southdowns.gov.uk/online-applications/c...

Plans for the road section: http://planningpublicaccess.southdowns.gov.uk/online-applications/f...

Two footbridges, along with planning, EA approval, local consent, will likely never happen, and would probably cost more on their own than a sensible route that directly connects all the villages together.

Fast cyclists would not be bothered with the narrow lanes along the PUBLIC HIGHWAY through the village, this option was more for leisure cyclists and families. As a keen cyclist already using the Egrets Way North of Piddinghoe I like to use the village roads rather than the treacherous C7, especially when I'm with family or beginners.

I think you mean move carriageway westwards? Since posting the above I have spoken to a few residents and it seems the idea of two bridges has been discussed before and was the favoured option. It still seems to me to be the best option - it opens up the opposite bank, stops speeding cyclists through the village and surely must be cheaper than extensive (and long) road-widening. The one thing the Ouse lacks is bridges. The link to the road section plan is broken.

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